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I love what you shared about Ross Gay’s thoughts on reimagining the classroom/workshop dynamic! Even though it wears me out in its own way, I love that I can say that “to get together and love each other and wonder about shit together” is one of our homeschooling’s strengths. The kids and I have also been reading and discussing poems every school week Friday for years now, and one of those was “Sorrow is Not My Name.”

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I have been thinking about ‘syntax of care’ also after his talk on Friday -- but from more of a language use perspective--not just asking questions, but what are the words we can choose to use that create, especially as a health care providers, a more loving and caring language when we speak to each other, especially those we care about & care for. Saturday was good as well-- there was a talk about everyday objects in writing & one about inheritances in writing & Ross did a workshop with us similar to what he described in the teaching talk, which actually turned out to be really fun & beautiful. Also, great to see you in person, finally. 💕

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