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I am a Madwoman in Nancy G's Madwomen class. I am 77, a retired trauma therapist and a computer

dinosaur. I have a flip cellphone that I keep for emergencies. I have always lived by "One thing at a time." It and no multitasking have genuinely enriched my life. I get things done and have no regrets.

But I think this would be much harder with children and other's demands. I enjoyed your article, Emily.

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"Do one thing at a time: Maybe choose one of your “medicines”? Go for a walk. Read a book. Listen to a song. Give someone a hug. Sit on your porch. Lay in the grass. . . ."

I like this for refilling the well. And I feel like this could also be clarifying with my writing projects. My brain often feels like it's turning gears on several different potential topics or projects at once. This can easily jam up, and nothing is made.

I've been writing ideas this week of ways to help sort this, and I think one part of it is, as you point to here: Now, just stay with this one piece for today, or an hour, etc.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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